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The crisis of modern education calls attention to what is lacking at its foundation: an accurate understanding of the nature of a young person and his or her ultimate purpose. We see the foundations of faith, character and virtue laid in the early formative years by parents being undermined by the secular values that have permeated the culture, especially at the high school and college levels. Children no longer are taught to think critically, being able to discern what is true and what is false. Values are considered relative to one’s feelings and shift with the whims of the culture. Intellectual challenges to matters of faith which a child does not know how to answer leads to skepticism, and sadly, far too many children will abandon their childhood faith between the ages of 18 - 24.


Classical liberal arts is a timeless program of study that originated in antiquity, found new life in the renaissance, and still today offers a matchless entry into what it means to be fully alive.

» Inspires students to embrace the Faith as their own
» Equips students to defend the Truth
» Fosters critical thinking to discern what is true and what is false
» Empowers students to act in a free, intelligent and responsible manner
» Forms character through practicing virtues


To Teach the Mind – By imparting appropriate knowledge
To Educate the Heart – To love authentic values and a sense of what is good, true and beautiful
To Form the Will – By shaping character in virtues

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Authentic Catholic education is ordered toward the only source of true happiness, fostering the intellectual, moral, and virtues that make us fully human because they lead us to grow more and more like Christ. The primary focus, then, is not mere facts and skills to be acquired for college and career readiness. Rather, Catholic liberal education respects the dignity of the young person. It connects children’s mind, hearts, and souls with the truth beyond the facts so that what they know will transform their lives."

The Institute of Classical Liberal Education